Describe your daily routine when you get out of bed in the morning.


Since my middle school days I have never been one to label myself as a morning person. Getting out of bed is not usually something I look forward to. Some of this is assuredly linked to my propensity to stay up late, reading, watching a movie, or simply stumbling around the internet. And so, 90% of my days begin with the self-negotiation process to determine just how long I should allow myself to lay in our soft, relaxing, beautiful bed.

Once I have finally concluded that I can lay no more, I roll out of the left side of the bed and proceed to the bathroom. At that point I gauge whether I’m going to trim the facial hair that day, and run the beard trimmer over it if necessary. My decision whether I’m going to continue to grow out the facial hair occurs on a daily basis and is completely dependent on my mood at that very moment in my day. I then turn on the shower, and remember to go pick out whichever shirt I’m planning on wearing that day, so that I can hang it up in the bathroom as I shower to steam any wrinkles out. After cleaning myself with Axe shower gel and washing my hair with Pantene Pro-V, I step out of the shower and dry myself off. I only bother to include that detail because Sarah has mentioned on a number of occasions that I don’t bother to dry myself completely before exiting the shower which generally leaves the floor a little wet. Causing her to wear slippers when she enters the bathroom after me in the mornings.

From there, I apply some deodorant and some hair gel which I haphazardly use to shape my hair into something between a pompadour and a fohawk. I brush my teeth with the handy electric toothbrush that Sarah bought for us, with separate detachable heads (because sharing a toothbrush is gross, regardless of how cute Marshall and Lilly are). I dress myself, which generally simply consists of me deciding which jeans I’m going to wear that day and whether or not I’m going to wear my watch. I do my quick self pat down to ensure that I have my wallet, phone, and keys and then I head down to the Highlander.

On my way to work, I often drive in silence, mentally preparing for the day. Though recently I’ve been listening to Bill Clinton’s Back To Work in the car as I travel back and forth from work. There’s nothing in the world like an in depth discussion of taxing practices and complex legislation to brighten eyes and bushen tails. Depending on the results of my internal struggle to peel myself out of bed, I might have time to stop by Panera or Stauf’s for some coffee and reading/writing. Generally I get something nice and bold, sit outside if it is warm enough, and work my way through whatever literature or scripture I have chosen at the time or work on the current blog. I much prefer days when I have time for this. There is something soothing about warming up to the day in a relaxed, quiet, and thoughtful way. The days I have to skip this step, which happens frequently some weeks, and not at all on others, seem hurried and a bit scattered. I shoot to be at work between 8 and 9, depending on how late I intend on staying that afternoon and how early I have started the day.

None of this is particularly fascinating to me, but I have always found it interesting to know other people’s morning routines. We always see each other after we’re dressed, groomed and ready to present, and our morning behaviors are often a mystery to everyone around us. I can’t help but think, though, that morning routine tells quite a bit about what type of a person we are, and who we strive to be.