What is your favorite season, and why?

Autumn is very nearly upon us. I had a small taste of it this past weekend. Not in terms of temperature, as it was disgustingly hot and the humidity was comparable to the late summer afternoons in Florence, South Carolina following the daily thunderstorms. But it was because of this weather, including the looming rainclouds, that I resolved to hunker down in our small apartment for the vast majority of the weekend where I watched many movies, read a few books, and spent hours aimlessly browsing the internet. I even put in Lord of the Rings on blu ray to serve as a beautiful backdrop, a faux windowpane as I completed the Batman comic book I’ve been working my way through for the last week or so.

 And I couldn’t help but use this opportunity to ready myself for the upcoming autumn months. Not that I plan on becoming a recluse, locked away in my apartment at the first hint of cooler weather. But rather, there is something about the autumn season that draws out of me, in a way no other season does, a desire to express and consume artistic creativity. I read more in the autumn. I watch longer, older, better movies in the autumn. I, for reasons unknown, begin to feel nostalgic for days and peoples centuries separated from us. I become more of a storyteller and more hungry to hear stories. I seem to associate the fall with change more than any other season. I suppose the constant turning of new colors and the fluctuation of temperatures and weather all might have something to do with it. Whether it is the reasons I have mentioned, or reasons unknown to me, I am most affected by, and feel most connected to the autumn.

With the approaching season, I expect the following to be true:

I will likely write more
I will likely read more
I will likely watch more movies
I will likely walk outside more
I will likely drink more coffee
I will likely drink less beer
I will likely take more pictures
I will likely listen to slower music with deeper meanings

What I am coming to find out about myself in this post is that with the ushering in of autumn, I seem to turn into an old man. I am now considering taking up Pinochle.