How Do Rainy Days Make You Feel?


I was pondering this very question on my drive in to work this morning. The internal conversation began like this: “I hate April. I can’t wait to skip to the May flowers bit of the year.” Sunny days are fundamentally better than rainy days. Sunny days represent to me liveliness, outdoor activities, and all around happiness. Rainy days represent gloom, isolation, and boredom.

I battled with myself to find the personal value of rainy days. For instance, many associate rain with introverted times of deep reflection, reading, movie watching, writing, and coziness. All of which are things I greatly appreciate and enjoy. But it seems to me that the reason these things are so often associated with rainy days is that rain ruins the ability to do things that take place outdoors. So then, activities such as watching movies or practicing coziness are common on such days because other activities are excluded.

The problem with this is that one of the better days I’ve had recently involved me sitting outside on our patio reading and sipping on sweet tea in the warmth and comfort of the beautiful sun. Monday I sat and watched some tv and played video games with a buddy as we enjoyed the gorgeous fresh air entering through the open patio door. And so it is, I have come to find, that while rainy days are necessarily reserved for such activities, even these activities are perfectly suitable and even enhanced by the beautiful sun and warm breeze. Why I find myself residing in Ohio of all places remains a fantastic and unanswerable question.
To those whom I love and cherish who live here and are, in fact, one of the primary reasons for living in Ohio even now, please, see reason and let us all uproot tomorrow and move to the temperate and gorgeous lands of San Diego. Or perhaps Australia.