Tell me all your thoughts on God (A Case for Modern Religion)

The following post is intended to be a response to a post by Tom Slatin, whom inspired me with his list of journal promptings to begin this blog. Tom recently posted a blog… Continue reading

If you could give the world just one thing, what would it be?

Our world is at a deficit. And when I consider what I would give the world, had I the capacity to give the world one thing, I cannot help but think back to… Continue reading

How Do Rainy Days Make You Feel?

I was pondering this very question on my drive in to work this morning. The internal conversation began like this: “I hate April. I can’t wait to skip to the May flowers bit… Continue reading

What was the title of the last book you read? (Includes 100 interests)

Technically speaking, the last book that I finished reading was Batman, Knightfall Vol 1. And while there are a great deal of themes to discuss and thought I had while reading this great compilation… Continue reading

What is your favorite season, and why?

Autumn is very nearly upon us. I had a small taste of it this past weekend. Not in terms of temperature, as it was disgustingly hot and the humidity was comparable to the… Continue reading

Name one thing you have always been good at doing.

I have always been a fan of civil discourse. Few things in the world can engage me, mind and body, the way that a lively discussion can. There is something inherently captivating about listening to… Continue reading

What was the longest amount of time you have spent waiting in line for something? What was it, and was it worth the wait?

I am not entirely sure how long we stood there. I do know that it passed the 2 hour mark. It was long enough for the baking sun overhead to turn every inch… Continue reading

Describe your daily routine when you get out of bed in the morning.

Since my middle school days I have never been one to label myself as a morning person. Getting out of bed is not usually something I look forward to. Some of this is… Continue reading

Name a celebrity or famous person you wish would take you out on a date.

Quick preface: This probably doesn’t need to be said, but there is honestly no one I’d rather go on a date with more than my lovely wife, Sarah. We couldn’t be happier and… Continue reading

Who did you idolize growing up?

When my wife read that this was the next question on the list, she asked me “Are you going to write about Bon Jovi?” No, I’m not going to do Bon Jovi. It… Continue reading

Describe the longest amount of time you have ever been away from home.

It felt like a chilled, early summer morning; though it was actually mid to late winter. I don’t remember the month exactly, but it was summer in the states, which would make it… Continue reading

Are you afraid of the dark? Why or why not?

Certainly there is something inherently ominous and powerful about darkness. I am amazed at how many things are signified by darkness. Darkness evokes imagery like loneliness, sadness, ignorance, confusion, death, hopelessness, and sinfulness. Consider… Continue reading